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Wetmore's Has Grown and Havested Turfgrass Sod

            in Fredericton for over 40 years

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Sod is sold in 5 square foot (0.46 square metres) folds. These are 16 inches (0.41 metres)

wide by 45 inches (1.37 metres) long. To determine how many you need, take your area

in square feet and divide by 5. If you are using square yards, multiply the square yards by

1.8. Our sod is grown from an 80% Bluegrass/20% Fescue seed mix developed in

New Brunswick for New Brunswick conditions. It has not more than 20% non-seeded

contaminant grasses.



Prices are based on single order quantities direct from our sod fields or readily available stock at

our Nursery Outlet and do not include HST.


READILY AVAILABLE SOD: $3.50/5 foot square fold


Readily available sod can be picked up at our Nursery Retail Oultet on most days, but as sod is a

perishable product, it requires more care by our staff to keep it ready to go throughout the day.

Therefore this sod, when in stock, is of a higher price: $3.50/5 foot square fold. No order is required for

readily available sod; just come in and pick it up! Supplies are limited, so this should only be used for

small amounts (generally 50 square yards or less), and though we try to keep it in stock may be

sold out at any given time. For larger amounts ordering directly from our sod field is the only way

to insure the sod you need will be available for you.


Prices are subject to change





Commercial Grade Sod is as described under General Information above, and is good quality turf.

Elite Grade Sod is of higher grade still, having almost no contaminant grasses whatsoever. We

have limited amounts of Elite Sod, and it may not be available on demand. Utility Grade Sod is

occasionally available; this sod has many contaminant grasses and is used in areas where consistent

appearance isn't as important.


The Different Grades of Sod as they Appear: Click pictures to see larger images.

Elite Sod - Seeded with our bluegrass and fescue mix the bluegrass dominates in a well maintained lawn. No more than 5% unseeded grasses in the product.

Commercial Sod - Seeded with our bluegrass and fescue mix. There may be up to 25% (by area) of non-seeded grasses in the final product. These show up as slightly different colour areas that normally show up most on days with heavy dew or when the lawn is stressed either by the weather or low maintenance.

Utility Sod - This is usually taken from field edges where native grass species have crept in. It matches many typical old established lawns. This is great for back yards or to economically finish any areas before fall. The best part is the price - it's cheap and it's green!

For Comparison: 10 year old lawn - This is a typical regularly maintained lawn (regular lime and fertilizer) that is around 10 years old.